Why Choose Us?

Net Impact Accounting Services located on the Sunshine Coast was created and is a result of a strong desire to help clients make informed financial decisions. Based at Alexandra Headland, we look after a diverse range of clients Australia-wide.

We understand there are many aspects to consider when choosing to invest. The impact on cash flow position throughout the year, the impact of a capital gain, the impact on your tax return and the impact on your life are just a few considerations we evaluate to help our clients make informed financial decisions.
Having a healthy financial life requires knowledge to analyse your current position. Financial instability can be emotionally and physically devastating and could lead to overwhelming health issues.
Our purpose is to enable individuals and businesses to manage their finances by understanding how to achieve the maximum value and the net impact!
Financial stability is part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Some humans say money is evil, but I don’t agree. If money is managed well it can only improve the quality of our lives.